With over 20 years of experience, Debt Recovery & Administrative Services Limited (DR&ASL) is the leading debt collections agency in Trinidad and the Caribbean. Our dedicated team of specialists provides services in e-collections, payment schedules, bespoke debt collection packages and more.

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Email DR&ASL: supervisory@debtrecoverycaribbean.com

Location: Central Commercial Centre Corner #1 La Clave and Fitts Street, Montrose Chaguanas, Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies.


Our Strategic Mission and Vision (SVM) is a projection of DR&ASL goals for a regional launch within the next 10 years.

  • SVM
  • Our Mission is to be the preferred choice for the collection of debts in all businesses in the Caribbean. Our Vision is taking our clients out of debt and into financial might.

    Through our SVM, we align both our Vision and Mission as we seek to create a collection center that can facilitate the regional launch of our Debt Recovery brand with strong focus on client and customer satisfaction.

    About Us

    Debt Recovery and Administrative Services Limited (DR&ASL) has been providing effective debt collection solutions to clients for nearly 2 decades. Through the years, we have established ourselves as the leading debt recovery & collection entity in Trinidad and the region. As part of our commitment to high standards, we actively maintain major local, regional and international memberships with governing bodies to ensure consistent and ethical practices.

    Our goal is to provide effective results through quality service and innovative solutions.

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    Debt Recovery and Administrative Services Limited is a Certified Commercial Collector.

    We are here to keep our clients and customers afloat through offering professional service and utilizing the latest technological advances in the international debt collections industry. DR&ASL utilises a specialised debt collection software that allows our clients to log into our database and track the progress made with delinquent customers.

    Our inherent role and core collections services is conducted in a professional manner and is being constantly sought out by the public and private sectors due to our results-oriented and people-centric approach to debt collections.

    We convert debts to collections, offer competitive commissions rates and are the only “no membership no subscription fee” collections provider in Trinidad.


    In order to deliver the best results for our clients, DR&ASL’s team comprises of baliffs, private investigators and field officers. Each specialists brings a wealth of experience and skills to our client’s accounts and requirements.

    All of our bailiffs are proficient legal agents who ensure that debts are collected and that we fully represent our clients' interest. In 1998, DR&ASL’s Managing Director became the first female to become a licensed Bailiff and Justice of the Peace in Trinidad and Tobago.

    In keeping with the laws of Trinidad and Tobago, DR&ASL ensures that all hired bailiffs adhere to the Bailiff Act of 2000 when performing their duties, in particular Chap 4:61 Section 9 & 10(1) and the Code of Conduct for Bailiffs (Fifth Schedule of the Bailiffs Act 4:61).

    Private Investigators
    Our private investigators are highly trained and tactically skilled with years of field experience. We understand that private investigation services require sensitivity and confidentiality; you can trust that our investigators will use all legitimate methods to ensure that you receive results.

    We extend the practice of skip tracing to all of our clients in order to locate difficult debtors.

    Our Partners